Sunday, December 6, 2009


ok, so i know it's been awhile... but i'm trying to get back into blogging.

so jess kinda summed up our trip with this saying...

Four beaches in 48 hours? Awesome. The best beach weather of the season? Really awesome. Time spent with a friend? Priceless. : )

...and i must say i agree 100%. We had the best weather, had tons of fun, used tons of sunscreen, ate tons of candy, biked tons and tons, and had the best seafood around :)

here are some of our best shots from glamour shots on the rocks!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Those glam photos are definitely meant for a calendar! Glad you have such great friends!


Judy said...

Looks like a fun time!! Are you going to get back into blogging?? If so you need to send me your log in info. so I can update your look a little. It's not spring anymore :)