Sunday, December 6, 2009


ok, so i know it's been awhile... but i'm trying to get back into blogging.

so jess kinda summed up our trip with this saying...

Four beaches in 48 hours? Awesome. The best beach weather of the season? Really awesome. Time spent with a friend? Priceless. : )

...and i must say i agree 100%. We had the best weather, had tons of fun, used tons of sunscreen, ate tons of candy, biked tons and tons, and had the best seafood around :)

here are some of our best shots from glamour shots on the rocks!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Masquamicut beach

here's another one of my beach adventures... these are pictures of two different times heading down to RI for beautiful beach days. in the pics you will see my friend christina and her 2 girls (both of which i adore!)

this is my classic beach pose
this is emory...she's def got some attitude right?!
both girls got buried in the sand up to their heads...
let me just tell you, that i one sandy mess to rinse off in the end!
here we all are at the end of the day... we had just finished our ice cream :)

here's our second adventure... this is kalei
here's em with her fav strawberries... let me tell you i learned my lesson first trip, to pack enough strawberries so i get some this time!!
this is the sand fort we found while going on a walk...
wonder how long it took them to make and set up all the army men??!!
don't these girls look like they could save your life?!
here's the final shot of 2 definitely happy girls that loved the beach <3<3<3

more adventures to come!

Friday, August 28, 2009


ok, so i've given up on trying to keep up and just start with the present. good idea...right?! so my title says what i've been up to this summer... lots and lots of beach trips! beach with the girls from work, with a friend and her 2 girls, and with the kids i sit for. the best part of the beach other than the sun, waves, sandcastles and relaxation is the fact that i didn't even get burnt this year!! so, here are some pics from my beach adventures...

these are with my cousin Katie and the Y gals :) Masquamicut Beach in RI

this is me with my cousin Katie...yeah, i was a good sport and rode in the backseat!
this is Michelle, i call her MK. it was a tad chilly when we got there
so we waited it out for the sun to come. (it did by the way and was beautiful out)
this is Suchira
me relaxing on the burning my face! i could just fall asleep...
boats at pretty
(and they also have the best ice cream!)

last but not least this is a shot taken on our ride home...
i made them stop because i just needed to capture it
turned out to be a fun fun day...definitely going back!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


a preface for you... i'm sorry that I haven't posted in months but i'd like to play catch up!
so... i left off in December with putting up our family christmas tree
(funny right since it's now the end of summer)
but here's what i have...i'll be posting a lot over the next couple days so take time to look,
(and comment) on what i've been up to :)

yes, another trip to NYC! i couldn't have my cousin sam from florida come up and not take an adventurous trip to new york. due to the lack of time it was another quick trip, i mean real quick. we left fri afternoon and drove to jersey to stay over at alisha and paul's (thanks so much btw!) and left the next morn, spent the day in the city, and headed home from there. everyone was wiped by the end of the day... but i was the one that had to stay awake and drive us all home coming in very early sun morn.

the Lincoln Tunnel picture is on here because...
it's where Buddy the Elf from "Elf" walked through it!

aren't these light bulbs so huge!
this is the big tree for NYC for Christmas... i didn't think it was as good as the one in Boston
we wanted to go to the top of rockefeller tower but it was too foggy to see anything that day :(
we had to stop at my mom's favorite store for a pin (such a kid at heart right?!)
my cousin didn't but anything but pulled the sweet and innocent act to get a bag from Tiffany's!
this is me and my boyfriend, jk! you can make your own muppet at FAO Schwartz!! fun fun
we visted Central Park, it was a bit foggy though!

here's the gals ;)
We had a blast and can't wait to go again...
next time, definitely have to stay longer. it is really hard and very tiring to do in one day.

before another month passes by...

so here i am trying to make it through last year's posts and it's already the middle of march!! so my next post brings me to christmas, lol! here's just a few shots of what my tree looked like (defintely put away now!), and christmas with my family. one day i will catch up to the present day! until then, just bear with me :)

here is steph decorating... the tree?!
the finished product, we were very proud of what we did :)here are myself, jeff, steph and my cousin sam
at my grandpa's house
and here is my family (my mom's side)
this is minus my brother and sister in law from AZ, and my uncle's kids from NH

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boston with the Y gals!

i love having weekends off because it gives me many chances to go on little adventures! on this particular saturday it took me to boston with 2 friends from work, michelle and suchura. suchira was very excited not only to go to boston, but because it was snowing!! we walked around boston, ate at fire and ice, went to the aquarium, and ended up at quincy market. needless to say, we had a blast!!!

and we're off!!
suchira was so excited because it was snowing out!
and here are michelle and i enjoying the snow, and wind.
it was really cold!
a penguin!
i think if i could be any animal, i'd definitely chose this one :)

sting ray
sea dragon
these jellyfish were cool looking!
i just love the colors here
yes, i am an dork!
this picture says it all!
this is the boston christmas tree.... very impressive i must say.

it was time to leave after seeing the was very cold and windy.
overall a very fun day!